Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Geneva Remnants

Geneva is now gone!

I have read that it covered up to 1700 acres when it was in operation and now that it is gone that ground is being developed for other uses, along with a huge amount of residential development that is taking place west of the old Geneva site.

It looks like the town of Vineyard which is just west of the old Geneva site looks to grow like gangbusters because of all the new homes that could be built in that towns area.

One really neat development that has happened though is the new Harley Davidson dealership that has been built across the street from the northeast corner of the old Geneva site.

It is at 555 South Geneva Road in Lindon and it is a fantastically neat new building.

They have a large selection of motorcycles and who could help but love a Harley!

But they have also constructed a very unique building and even kept some of Geneva in the whole process. The new building is constructed of recycled material that I have heard comes from the old Geneva plant.

It may sound crazy but it is something that is well worth a trip by to see and even stop to look at the Harleys!

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