Monday, July 6, 2009

Dinosaur Park

I found some old pictures from a couple of years ago that reminded me of a park we happened to go to in Ogden.
We were in Ogden for a football game but were early and to kill time we started exploring. In the area at the mouth of Ogden Canyon nestled up against the Ogden River we found the Eccles Dinosaur Park.

It was fantastic!

I didn't even know it existed and it was really a surprise. We had a couple of hours to spend and could have spent all afternoon.

They have a walk in museum that has bones and fossils and such things as that like most of the other museums but:

There is also an outside part with paths to walk and it is filled with dinosaurs all living together and fighting and eating each other.

It was interesting and even kind of scary. Some would growl and roar and the kids didn't like the growls and screams, but they were fun. It didn't scare me though, just the kids.

And if you got tired of chasing the kids they even had a place to get a break for a few minutes.
The kids would probably like the playground better though.........and there is also areas for having a picnic if you brought one.

They have a website for the park; and it is very informative with all the information about the park and getting there.

It was well worth the time to go.

Remember I said that it has been a couple of years since we were there and from the website it looks as though there has been more added and improvements made.


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