Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cascade Springs

If you are taking a drive over the Alpine Scenic Loop it is not a bad idea to plan enough time to take a detour from the top of the Loop road and go to Cascade Springs.

Whether your Loop trip starts from Provo Canyon or American Fork Canyon your route will take you past the Cascade Springs turnoff. The turnoff is in a very close proximity to the top of the Loop on the Provo side and the road to Cascade Springs is a nice surprise.

While the Loop road is a narrow one with lots of switchbacks the road to Cascade Springs is a comfortable 2 lane highway with a good width.
In the area nestled at the base of the surrounding mountains there were a number of springs that derived their water from those surrounding mountains. I have heard that there were 7 major springs but that could just be a good story. Also that story said that a decision was made to use the water from those springs to build a water park. The story also said that the project was used as an activity for inmates from the Utah State Prison and that they did the work on the park. I am not sure of any accuracy to the story but it does make a good story. The result from whatever happened though is really quite pleasant. The waterways and springs have been cleaned out and worked on with falls and beautiful crystal clear pools and all set amidst the natural vegetation.
There are pathways around the various sections made of both wood board walks and rock pathways.

There are benches placed at locations to rest or to just take some time to contemplate and take in the peaceful surroundings.
Cacade Springs is a very pleasant experience anytime of the year but that is especially so in the fall of the year when the leaves are all turning.

The Springs is at a lower elevation than the Alpine Loop Road used to get into the area so the foliage differs. Instead of the Fir and Spruce and Quakies as on the Loop road there is more Birch, Scrub Oak, Maple and Boxelder and the colors are different.

Whatever time of year you go though it is worth the trip!

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