Friday, July 30, 2010

My Deck is Changing

I still love my deck and it is still very much the same as it was last year.
The hummingbird feeder still draws the little critters but they are still very wary.
And the Locust tree on the corner of the deck is still lush and full and very pleasant.
But I have noticed a change this year.  Things are changing and we must be going tropical.
This year when the leaves were budding out and getting ready to pop I noticed some very loud screeching coming from just outside by my deck.  And lo and behold.......

Look what I found.

This ain't no hummingbird.

We must be going tropical because I think Parrots live in the tropics.

I was not aware of that big a change in the climate but they keep talking about 'Global Warming'.

Is this evidence?

Honestly, I really don't think so..................................

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