Monday, July 19, 2010

Days of YORE

I have admitted to being an old fart, I grew up in the 40s and 50s before all the technology changed the course of life.  Don't get me wrong, I am not against technology but given the world I grew up in I am still trying to catch up with the waves of the future that I now live in.

I didn't see a TV set until about 1952-53, and then it was like watching a picture show through a snow storm and there were only 2-3 channels to watch at best.  There was the test pattern though.

I used to get up on Saturday morning and go down and sit in front of the radio to listen to my favorite programs.  At 9 o'clock a dog would bark and then this voice would say "That's my dog Tige, he lives in a shoe.  I'm Buster Brown and I live in there too."

That started the Buster Brown Show and his adventures helping and saving kids but he always came back to the shoes where he and Tige lived.

Right after Buster Brown would come the Howdy Doody Show along with Buffalo Bob and Clarabelle the Clown and Froggy and his magic twanger.

OH! The days......We all wanted Buster Brown Shoes.

After the radio shows I would call my friends, we had telephones but needed to check to make sure no one was already using the phone.  We had party lines in those days and there would be 3-4 families all on the same line and if someone else was on the phone you could hear them talking and would have to wait for them to get off the phone.

Once they were off you would grab the phone and wait for the operator to say 'number please'.  Then you would give her the number you wanted to call and then she would connect it all up.  There were no dial or touch tone phones in those days, I still remember my phone number, it was 678-J.

I wonder if the operator ever listened in on the calls?????????????? Hmmmmmmmm.

Saturday afternoons we would all go to the movies, the kids that is.  That must have been planned by the parents.

I would get 50 cents to go to the movies, 25 cents to get in and 25 cents for treats and goodies.  That got us two movies, they were always double features.  There was also a cartoon and a serial, like Flash Gordon or Hopalong Cassidy and there was always the newsreel.  That took up the whole afternoon.

Another interesting thing is we always either walked to the movie or else we would ride our bikes.

They were good days in a lot of ways, it was much simpler then but time has brought many marvelous things to make our life better also.

Those were some of my days of YORE!

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