Sunday, September 6, 2009

Changing Leaves

I am up the canyons very frequently and I watch. It is now Labor Day weekend and two weeks ago I started to notice color change in the hills.

August 25, 2009 was when I took these pictures and there is definite signs of changing leaves.

Some more from the 3rd of Sept show even more coming.

Soon there will be lots of color and some fantastic views.

Here are some pictures that were taken on the 23 of Sept, 2006. I took them because it was the first snow of that year. It is interesting to look at though. The very top shows beautiful blue sky with white fluffy clouds just like summer and then there is a good 6 inches of snow on Timp, gorgeous white stuff. Going a little lower there is the reds and golds of fall colors and finally at the botom is still nice green leaves on trees and bushes.

A combination of seasons and colors in one picture on one day.

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